Floating around on Youtube are loads and loads of video’s that promote Dutch authors, their books and/or a wide variety of literary festivals. Yet most of them don’t really reach an audience: they are not easily found, because they live within their own little speck of the woods. That’s why, with the help of Het Nederlands Fonds voor de Letteren, we created

Boekbuis is a dedicated, fully responsive videosite aggregating all literary Dutch Youtube channels in one place. Readers can search for their favorite author, select videos based on length, or be surprised by a random video.


For the launch we produced a simple trailer and seeded it to relevant media.

In the first week, Radio 1 (De Taalstaat), publisher’s magazine Boekblad, national newspaper NRC and even Geenstijl all featured articles about





(Click image to visit Boekbuis)



The site features a live! area where literary events can embed their livestreams, helping them receive more views, likes, fans and, hopefully, readers.

(Created together with Michael Wolbert, whose enormous patience and programming skills are intimidating. If he’s available: hire him.)