Introducing “Favorite Flower” in France and Germany

BBH (Bloemen Bureau Holland) wanted to introduce the concept of  “the favorite flower” in Germany and France. Even though they wanted more focus on girlfriends, the male models needed to be used again.

We decided to spin the campaign and move towards: “Girlfriends know each other’s favorite flowers”. I was co-responsible for the spinning of the campaign and app, supervising the building of the app and user flow, writing the briefings for the PR agencies, supervising audio recordings and writing all copy.


The video above was the first kickoff: we seeded this using social media and traditional PR. Apart from online video and banners, we also used out of home promotions and billboards in five key cities. We also organized a bloggers event for styling, interior, fashion and beauty bloggers, inviting them to come learn their favorite flowers – and bring their best friend along:



Of course, the bloggers had complete autonomy in if and what they chose to write, resulting in authentic blog posts and a lot of exposure.

We invited female consumers on Facebook to try and guess their girlfriend’s favorite flower:







The app rewarded guessing the right flower for your best friend with a free bouquet of said flowers. Smart users started  calling and texting each other, asking them for their favorite flower. This resulted in quite a spectacular climb in user base: over 35.000 users in the first two weeks alone.


(Artwork by Luuk van der Ven)