Christmas tree out, potted plant in

BBH loves it when you have a good Christmas. Almost as much as they like it when we, come january, swop that old Christmas tree for a brand new plotted plant. Why? Well, they promote the selling of all pots and plants worldwide for the horticultural industry in the Netherlands.


They asked us: how can we get as much free publicity as possible on a small budget, and get people to realize they  should swop their old Christmas trees for potted plants?


Our solution was to build a Wallace & Gromit style like swop truck: The “Wisseltruck”. The truck travelled to four central squares throughout the Netherlands. People could come by, swop their trees and receive free plants from our truck. The truck was a noisy, entertaining machine, manned by actors.

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keke 4

The results: hundreds of social media impressions, tens of thousands of viewers and a lot of free publicity. O, and hundreds of happy families with fresh new green in their January homes.

(Truck produced by Schaalwerk. Artwork by Luuk van der Ven and Michael Bien)